Thu 02May2019

Da Vinci 500

St George's, Bristol


Composers featured include Josquin, Victoria, Tallis, Monteverdi, Bach.

Robert Hollingworth - Director
Martin Kemp - Art Historian & Presenter

This very day – 2 May 2019 – marks the 500th anniversary of the death of ‘Renaissance Man’, polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Known primarily for his art and inventions, Leonardo’s first job away from Florence was as a musician, in his own words ‘shaping the invisible’. I Fagiolini’s celebration of the master features projections of his most famous images, reflected and enhanced by I Fagiolini’s performance. The art world’s definitive da Vinci expert Martin Kemp and director Robert Hollingworth introduce the evening, putting the two art forms in context.

Recently identified masterwork Salvator Mundi is paired with settings of that text by Tallis and Howells, whilst Victoria’s Tenebrae Responsories highlight The Last Supper. The iconic form and proportion of Vitruvian Man is matched by the universality of a Bach fugue, meanwhile the wonderful Five Grotesques and Heads of Warriors receive lighter treatment in onomatopoeic sketches by Vecchi and Janequin. Leonardo’s famous images of women are seen through the prism of Monteverdi but also a sensual 12-voice aural tapestry by French composer Daniel-Lesur. Finally Leonardo’s enquiring scientific mind is honoured in a thrilling new commission by Adrian Williams and Gillian Clark (former National Poet of Wales).

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