Fri 07Jun2019

With Jonathan Rees Baroque cello

St George's, Bristol


JS Bach
Komm Jesu, komm
Jesu, meine Freude
Lobet den Herrn interspersed with movements from solo cello Suite No 5 in C minor
Fürchte dich nicht
Singet dem Herrn interspersed with movements from solo cello Suite No 6 in D major

This is a welcome return for Solomon’s Knot, who impressed so much with their performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor in May 2018.

The rhythm of the dance weaves through this programme of vocal motets and suites for solo cello by JS Bach. The motets, for between four and eight voices plus continuo, marry an astonishing level of complexity to the binding matter of hymn-like chorale melodies, setting texts from the most joyful of psalms (‘Sing to the Lord a new song’) to poetry laden with the Lutheran longing for the release of death (‘Come, Jesus, my body is weary’).

Solomon’s Knot sing this music by heart, with one voice per part. Jonathan Rees, their longstanding continuo cellist, offsets the density of the motets with his lone instrumental voice, in turn required to conjure multiple parts and atmospheres, revelling in the virtuosic dance movements of the suites.

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