Workshop for Singers

Singers in all voice ranges are invited to a day centred on the church music of Peter Philips (1560/61-1628). Though Philips was documented as a choirboy at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in the 1570s, within a decade his Roman Catholicism … Read More

Workshop for Voices and Instruments

Directed by Matt Kingston St. John’s Church, West Bay, 22nd September 2018 It was a dull, sea-misty sort of day on 22nd September at West Bay, Dorset this year, but spring arrived when the assembled company of three dozen singers and … Read More

The Nine Days’ Wonder

A Workshop for Voices and Instruments directed by Alison Kinder Backwell, 9th June 2018 Many people know the story of William Kemp, the clown with the big ego who Morris-danced (‘daunced’) his way from London to Norwich in nine days; … Read More

Chair’s Report – September 2018

Looking back over the list of past workshops, one cannot help noticing that most of the repertoire we cover is from the Renaissance and early Baroque. This is perhaps not surprising, since works from that period are more suited to the kind of … Read More